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Welcome to the World of Online Education and Training for Prevention Professionals!


"Empowering Prevention Workforces Worldwide”
Launched in 2018, INEP is an innovative online platform dedicated to offering comprehensive training in prevention science.

Our focus is on teaching effective strategies for substance use prevention and behavioral addictions. Designed for a varied audience, including university students, educators, and prevention professionals, our courses use a modular approach for customizable learning experiences.

The curriculum is enriched with interactive lectures, discussions, and diverse assessments, available in multiple languages, and aligns with international standards. Our goal is to empower learners to address various risk behaviors effectively in their communities. For further details, consult this website.


University instructors will find the INEP 40 module indispensable. This core curriculum version equips education professionals with essential knowledge in the science of prevention. While the extended forms of this module, integrating a instructor-facilitated e-learning course into a comprehensive university curriculum based on blended learning, are highly beneficial, the automated basic version of INEP 40 with a virtual tutor is also an effective option. This flexibility ensures that every educator can incorporate this valuable content into their teaching repertoire, enhancing the impact of their prevention efforts.


The INEP 40 University is specially designed for students at universities lacking prevention courses or to those who prefer a self-paced learning approach. This automated version offers an essential introduction to risk behaviour prevention, streamlining the integration of this contemporary, prevention-centric course into their academic journey. Grounded in the EUPC and INEP 40 frameworks, it provides students with a sophisticated and practical learning experience in prevention strategies, applicable both in their current studies and future professional endeavors.


The INEP program offers practitioners a choice of versions tailored to their needs: the concise INEP 8, the comprehensive INEP 40, or the full INEP 40 version. For a more enriched experience, practitioners are encouraged to engage in a program where INEP 40 is led by a trainer, such as INEP Plus. This format, ideal for those in the field of education, enhances understanding of prevention science's core principles. It offers practical examples and customizes learning to address local needs, bridging theory with real-world application.



INEP's primary objective is to enhance the global and local capacity of prevention workforces by providing training on the most effective evidence-based interventions and prevention strategies, all in accordance with professional prevention standards. The quality and professionalism of a workforce is essential for the future development of efforts to prevent substance use and behavioural addictions. It is the key to delivering safe and effective interventions and bridging the gap between science and prevention practice. The INEP platform primarily caters to university students and lifelong learners, specifically targeting addiction professionals with diverse educational backgrounds.