zouharova 23.01.2024

INEP University 40


The INEP 40 University online module is intended for the students of any relevant undergraduate study programme (such as psychology, education, special education, social work, or medicine). It is recommended that two options are considered when employing this 40-lesson modification (the online module itself): (a) as in the INEP 8 University module, it can be incorporated into a relevant course within the curriculum of a specific field of study (typically courses involving topics such as mental health and public health) to complement the subject matter or simply provide a general background to prevention, including its basic perspectives, concepts, and definitions. Representing approximately two or three ECT credits (recommended), the module can thus constitute a part of any major course; (b) the second option is to employ the INEP 40 University online module as a fully autonomous 40-lesson course carrying two ECT credits (recommended) and use it for the curriculum of a specific field of study as an autonomous and self-standing course offered in an online (self-led) format.