zouharova 01.02.2024

Examples of Training Models

456In many countries a general framework for prevention workers’ professional career is being shaped at present. Naturally, a specialist training model is the most common, i.e. one in which a professional (such as a teacher or psychologist) follows a specialist training programme in prevention which expands their original professional background by specifically including the area of prevention. A very promising example of a general introductory course on prevention is the system of education and training based on the European Prevention Curriculum (EUPC) In this context, the combination of the INEP 40 online course and the INEP Plus course, offered by the ISSUP and conducted by an experienced trainer is an intriguing model. Some professions already have prevention integrated into their core undergraduate university curricula. However, thanks to rapid development, in some countries prevention can be studied as an independent discipline and the first postgraduate (PhD) programmes in prevention have also been opened (e.g. at the University of Zagreb in Croatia). The career of a prevention worker is thus beginning to take different forms and is being developed and constituted for a wide range of fields.